Spring Is Coming

The sun is shining, the fat robins are hopping about, and it really feels like spring. Too bad we are in for a snowstorm tonight. Still, getting to March feels like we have jumped the last hurdle and are headed for the straightaway in this long winter of ours. The extremes this year (cold, snowfall) have got me wanting to prepare better for next year in the little things: hats, gloves, and mittens; more good indoor activities, especially for the little ones; boots for myself. The major things we did not lack, like heat, shelter, food, coats, so I am grateful for that.
I just finished a biography of a woman who survived Auschwitz concentration camp. There were so many good thoughts one could take away from her story, but I’ll just share a few. At one point, she witnesses a whole orphanage of children being led to the gas chamber, and this upsets her so greatly that she prays to God to please just kill one SS guard right now, just have them drop dead, to give her a sense that He was aware of this horrible act and He wasn’t going to let it go unpunished. I don’t still have the book, it was interlibrary loan and I felt antsy about keeping it any longer, but I wish I would have copied the one sentence she said that, when I read it, immediately I thought to myself, no, He did not kill a guard that day, but He killed His own Son, and that Son bore every sin ever committed, even this slaughter of toddlers. Thank You, Jesus. Not one of us could have done what You did. Nor might we ever have thought of it, so steeped in sin and blind are we to our many faults.
I am hoping to have a really good Easter this year, to prepare my heart and be ready for new or more meaningful impressions of the cross, of the resurrection, of God’s heart for people. One thing I happened upon this week was OneStory, a ministry devoted to recording Bible stories in different languages for cultures and persons who are geared to oral learning as opposed to literary, or book learning. Or that culture does not yet have a Bible in their own tongue. I obtained the story set in English, it looks like a series to train someone to tell certain stories that bring out the truth of Jesus Christ from the Old Testament to the New. This particular set began with a story about David’s mighty men. The kids listened to this with me (the plan is to listen to one each day leading up to Easter), and then I asked them about the story. Why would this be an important part to include in the Gospel story? One thing I think of is for those cultures that are still very warlike, tribal, have clans, they might perk up at this story about a man with so many brave warriors who would give their lives for him, and some did. When Uriah was mentioned, I told the kids I got goosebumps. We have the benefit of knowing the whole story, but for now, David appreciated Uriah as a brave soldier and true friend.
I would also like to put together some Easter cards this year. What began as maybe just a few to our unsaved family members has grown to maybe distributing something up and down our road to invite them to church Easter Sunday. I may split up these two still, but am formulating ideas now. This morning I got on Etsy and almost immediately found a terrific idea for the cards- seed paper! You make homemade paper and when it is still pulp you stir in some flower seeds and voila! A work of art that can be planted in the ground and bloom! I got some stuff for frames, may start putting them together tonight and tomorrow if we are snowed in. The card on Etsy was a cutout seed paper cross on a white card- so simple yet so beautiful, too, the thought of all those crosses getting pushed under the soil and flowers coming up. I can’t wait. For the neighbors’ invitations I may make a jelly bean craft I saw on a lady’s blog- attached to a treat bag of jelly beans there is a card that talks about each color of jelly bean and its significance (purple is for the hour of sorrow, pink is for the new tomorrow). A bit lighter, but a way to share a treat with the neighbors that won’t require a lot of preparation or maintenance.
Yes, spring is in the air, full of promise. No snowstorm can thwart it now.