Waiting For Spring

Our book club meeting for this morning got cancelled, and just when we’d been pushing to get the book done, too. I obtained the book on audio from librivox.org to give myself a break this month, and with the thought that it would help us finish it sooner. It didn’t, though, and we were struggling all month to get through it. Sweet book, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sydney. This particular recording had all the information on the book before each chapter, so we had the title and author memorized before long.
Since there was no book club, I thought we would still go to town and do some grocery shopping, but the wind is still so cold and our driveway is still so icy and slippery. The van sits at the end of it by the mailbox, waiting for the warmer weather to clear the rest of the snow and ice.
Luke and Aliyah are headed to a youth conference this weekend. When he is away, meals and things are a bit more relaxed, and that part is nice. But, when he is away, I have the kids full time, and have to figure out how we all will get to the grocery store tomorrow.
Last week during my grocery shopping was the first time I felt like a lot of this was really pointless- I mean, I buy the same items every week! Luke has been getting canned goods and staples in bulk for some time now, and maybe that thinking has rubbed off on me a bit more, but as I walked through Aldi tossing thing after thing in my cart that I have tossed in there every week for forever, I felt tired. So, I am thinking about how I can better streamline my shopping. I’m not sure we can afford, or have the space, to shop only once a month, but maybe we should start taking steps in that direction.
I’m sure part of the tiredness is just being pregnant right now, and having to battle the weather any time I go out, even if I get to go out alone. Spring may bring some renewed energy and perspective, I hope.

I had a headache yesterday. I have noticed that sometimes it gets better if I just keep working through it, so even though I didn’t want to, after a nap I tackled our fridge and started cleaning it out. When I got to the frame that holds the drawers, I found where it was broken in the middle, which explained why the shelf bowed in the middle. When he got home from work, Luke made me a nifty support out of some dowels and a board that will just fit behind the drawers, holding the shelf frame up. Nice! Cleaning out the fridge is a gift that keeps on giving. Every time I open it and see its bright, shiny shelves, it makes me smile. Of course, they are nearly empty; we do need to go to the store…

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  1. I am looking forward to when groceries can be delivered-from all the stores so we can get the best prices! :> I hope you find a way that works, and feel better too. 🙂

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