Every Day Is An Adventure

Last evening was our night to go to Columbus for BSF. There was a forecast of freezing rain, sleet, and later on, snow, but Luke and I both thought we’d be okay to go down there and back before it got really bad. Wrong! We were only 30 minutes away from home when the heavens started shooting their icy and snowy blasts. It collected on the highway very quickly, making driving very difficult; at each exit Luke and I would look at each other with uneasy expressions. BSF hadn’t cancelled yet, though; we kept moving. Anna had to go to the restroom, a good enough reason to eventually stop at Cabela’s, which was right off of the Polaris exit. When I came back to the van with Anna, Luke told me that they had just cancelled BSF! Since we were already at Cabela’s, we all went in and walked around awhile. I tried on some hiking boots, but nothing felt good enough to buy. Luke looked at knives and guns while we girls went and bought some fudge. 2 blocks for $7, or 4 blocks for $14 and get 2 more blocks free! That’s how they get you- upon being presented with this special (that has been around since Cabela’s opening over a year ago and should technically not be termed a “special”), one immediately concludes that two blocks simply will not be enough fudge and look, we can get six different kinds for twice the price of two! Nevermind that two blocks of fudge were more than they had when they slid into Cabela’s just a half hour ago.
This morning the roads were not much better, and all area schools were closed. Luke attempted to go to his office, but only got as far as the next road up before he turned around and came back home. He did eventually go into work an hour or so later, as each hour that went by meant warmer and warmer temperatures and more melting snow. 38 degrees is supposed to be the high for today, and each day it will get warmer, so I expect plenty of mud by the weekend.

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