These Are The Days Of Elijah

At least, that’s what I’m going to start calling him. We’re down to two names for the baby boy, and the other one I even have trouble pronouncing. Elijah was on our list last time, too, but Kenan just seemed meant to be his name. Did I admit here already to having the kids flip a coin for Kenan’s name? It was between ‘Kenan’ and ‘Elijah’. Heads won.

More thought is going into his arrival than his name right now. Luke has a campout scheduled for the same weekend, which of course he would love to go on. Is it wrong to pray for a baby to come early?

Luke and his mom are discussing/dreaming up ways to continue the house-building. The money for adding another house to this one has been a lot slower in coming than we thought, which leads me to wonder if we need to rethink our goals. I have thought for a while that we (meaning he) should finish the basement with a couple bedrooms; hey, we already have this structure, why not make it as efficient a property as possible?

We are just coming out of a long period being homebound. Our children’s Wednesday night program was in full swing, complete with Valentine’s Day cupcakes and candy. There is still quite a bit of snow, but the roads are basically clear, and our driveway, while always difficult when snow covered, is now manageable for even the van. Sunday we got more snow than was forecast, and Luke was unable to get the van up the driveway when we got home from church. Monday after work, he attempted to move the van, and got it stuck right at the road off to the side of our driveway. He had to leave for Trail Life, so couldn’t do much more and was pretty stressed about not getting it out for tonight’s trip to church. I went out after dinner that night with a shovel, thinking I could maybe get some snow out from under the van and make the way smoother. Luke seemed convinced he’d gotten it in a ditch, but I was elated to find that the van was still on flat ground, and only snow, not ice, needed removed. It was invigorating, working at the snow in the last minutes of the day as the sun was going down. A beautiful pink sky. Once each tire was free and I was fairly certain Luke would have no trouble backing out onto the road, I went back inside for some hot cocoa. When Luke got home, I could see the two sets of headlights at the foot of the driveway, meaning he was giving the van another try. The boys piled in the door a few minutes later, boasting that Daddy got the van unstuck! Luke came in with a much lighter step, telling me he had thought the snow might be crunchier now that it was dark and he was glad he gave it another try. I smiled to myself, realizing that he didn’t even notice that there wasn’t any snow under the van. That’s ok. I enjoyed every minute of that service project, and loved being able to find out firsthand that the van wasn’t in the ditch. My crown’s in Heaven for this one. Hee.

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  1. Hello little Elijah! 🙂 A boy! I’m a big fan of them. 😉

    Thank you for the snow shoveling laugh! I am most in awe of the fact that all those children will keep quiet about the fact that you were out shoveling! 🙂 And that you were able to get out there by yourself! I love it! :>

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