Who Needs Power?

I should work, but I don’t want to work when the house has become this quiet. Luke just left with most of the older children, boys to a hike and girls to a drink date with their aunt, and the others are sleeping. I have big plans of making up some cookies, bread, bars, and muffins today, but we will see what actually results. Maybe just pizza dough- not a total loss of a day then. 🙂
Our power went out one night a few weeks ago as I was just getting pizza ready for the oven. It was preheated, so I thought they might still bake up okay, just maybe take a little longer. It ended up being a half an hour without electricity, but felt like an eternity! And the pizzas didn’t ever get past the gooey crust stage during that time, much to the children’s dashed hopes. So it was good I could stick them back in after the power was on. They were nice and toasted then.
This past Tuesday morning, I went to print something and found the printer wasn’t working. After checking the plug, checking the piano (on the same circuit), checking all around that corner for what might be wrong, Luke looks up from his computer and says, “The power’s off!” This was an even bigger deal this time (even though pizza was not involved), because it was -3 outside (Luke was already home for the day because of this). I hadn’t started breakfast yet, so Luke fished out his camp stove to boil some water for oatmeal. It was a surprise to see some of the children eating it, as they might have turned up their noses at oatmeal on a normal morning, but…power outages and camp stoves change a lot of things. We ended up having the electricity back, then out, then back, then out, then back to stay, all the while Luke fully prepared to do more to provide for us and help us survive this bitterly cold day. The thermostat never went lower than 67, even after the longest span without power, a testimony to Luke’s good insulation of our home. Later, I was working in the kitchen and feeling really hot, so I looked to see what the temperature had risen to once we’d had electricity for a few hours- only 69! It’s amazing what a body can get used to, and then feel hot at a temperature that is usually too cold! We keep the thermostat at 72 most days.
Whew! Summer will be so welcome this year! I already have hopes to get us out on the first nice days this spring.