Prevention Month- Day 30

Jesus, this is all about You. I was reminded last night how wicked our culture in the United States has become, making idols out of sex, money, music, and fame, to the extent that Your singular beauty and glory are completely lost on the unbeliever. There will come a day when every eye will see You in Your glory, every knee will bow before You and acknowledge that You are Lord. No one will be blind anymore- all will see what opportunities they had and wasted on their own pleasures. Sadly, children suffer so cruelly because of these pleasures and drives for more, more, more. I ask You to motivate and guide me to tell others about You, Jesus, as it is really my job to know You and make You known to these.  Allow me and others You have called to make a real difference in this dark world, this dark country, forgetting ourselves and striving for Your glory.