Prevention Month- Day 26

We near the end of the month, Lord, and I am not sure I am any more knowledgeable or fervent in my prayers for those affected by human trafficking. I have been reading Amazing Grace, the biography of William Wilberforce, a timely book for the month. One thing that stands out to me about his life is Your timing. While he would admit to wasting many years and opportunities (like we all do) there still seems to be a point in time when it all came together and from then on You were calling the shots. Although there were plenty of sorrows and disappointments in his fight against slavery, he still could know he was in Your will. I want to be there, too, at the center of Your will, waiting for the time when I may be in a prominent place to really make a difference. Of course, I realize that, by raising these children You have given me to Your glory, I will make a huge difference in this world. Who knows? One of my children may play an important role in destroying some system of Satan. Help me to have eyes to see what might be unseen now, and maintain the hope that me, my husband, and children will be used mightily for You.