Prevention Month- Day 18

Being up all night with Kenan was dark, and not just outside. It was all I could do not to fall into that mom-of-a-newborn panic that thinks, I will never sleep again! I prayed You would help me not to get angry or impatient when the night began, knowing that he would likely be up, be miserable, be needy. Thank You for answering, and allowing my soul to remain in relative peace. Darkness of night is such an absorbent thing, making me think things are true that really are not. It is for those in a much worse darkness that I pray today- the darkness of evil that literally has them mastered right now. And, like any night, they may wonder when, or if, the morning will ever come. Kenan was still miserable when morning came, but just this afternoon has appeared to turn a corner for the better with his illness. I pray that You will give these in the darkness the strength to keep on watching for the dawn, but even after that to keep on searching for You. Their circumstances may not change right away, but You can make the darkness into light.

Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You. Psalm 139:12