The Day After

I’ve been working today, at some things legitimate and some things not so much. The washer is fixed, thanks to my wonderful husband finding the source of the clog- a nursing pad! Second time this has happened to one of our washers! Read about the last time here. Anyway, trying to get caught up with laundry today, and dishes. Luke just commented that it sounds like the dishwasher has been running all day. Well, that is better than my dry, cracked fingers in dishwater, and I am thankful for it. At this time of year I think it is fun to work a puzzle, so I started one last night and have been sitting over it way too long this afternoon. I hope to get it completed by the end of the weekend. The puzzle came used, so it is still up in the air if all 1000 pieces are there.

Christmas was great. I think the kids were pretty pleased with what they got; it may have been a case of present overload for some, they didn’t know what to play with first. I got some oven hot pads (much needed as I have been using dish towels with limited success for months), a plastic ladle for our nonstick crockpot, and a spatula (much needed as I have been grumbling under my breath every time I have to scrape a bowl with a wooden spoon). Good haul for me.

Time for dinner. Luke’s mom sent us home with a ton of food last night, so the plan is to eat that up before I plan anything new. Ham, potatoes, pea salad, here I come!