Laundry Woes

Ok, so I recommitted myself to doing laundry every day. This week has gone pretty good; if I can set a timer to remind myself when it is time to change loads, I can get quite a few done. There’s the mainstream loads, there’s loads of kitchen, cleaning and bath towels, and loads of Luke’s and my clothes, because we have found that the mainstream loads can come out still smelly if something wet was left there, or if they sat there too long. Bringing me back to my commitment to doing as much laundry as I can, every day, to try to combat the ugly odors in the ‘clean’ clothes. So today was going great, until about 4 o’clock, when I came downstairs to a beeping washer with a blinking red light. The basin had reds in it and was still half full of water. It is front loading, so I put a bucket down in front of what I knew would be a lot of water spilling out when I opened the door. Aargh! I think it is a clog in the line out from the drain; it seems to want to run, just can’t drain water right now. After dinner Luke took a look at it, which means he unplugged the machine, plugged it back in, and started the ‘drain and rinse’ cycle. He came upstairs with the news that “it still isn’t doing anything”. I’m not criticizing my husband’s attentiveness to our washer; he knows he’ll have to get to work on it soon, he just didn’t want to do it right then.

Abbie and Kenan were both under the weather this evening, so Luke volunteered to take my grocery list and the older 4 out to town to shop for food and for clothes they are badly in need of. This will take a load off my mind, because I would have had to do both sometime tonight or tomorrow, and it is harder these days for me to ‘get out’ than it is for him. I always have a curfew, and feel like I have to rush around, whereas he can take his time. Maybe they’ll buy me something for Christmas while they’re out. I heard a song today on the radio, a la Dave Barnes:

we’ll all tell our stories

we’ll all sing our songs

while the kids can’t sleep from guessin’

when Santa’s gonna come

it don’t matter what I’m gettin’

cause I’ve got what I need

there ain’t nothin’ quite like Christmas Eve


All I want for Christmas now is a working washer.