My Flesh May Fail

My fingers are tingling as I type this. No, not from some neurological issue, just from lack of thought. Earlier this afternoon, as I was walking around preparing supper, I noticed one of my toes was feeling really irritated. It was as if something was in my sock rubbing against my toe. So, after the casserole was in the oven, I decided to investigate. Sure enough, an irritant was found, but amazingly, it was a hair, wrapped around my toe! Each time I stepped down, it would pull tighter and was rubbing a nice cut into my toe. A single hair! Years ago, I was reading in a parenting book about possible reasons for a baby crying, and they mentioned the baby having a hair wrapped around his toe. Then, recently, either Micah or Adon as a newborn actually had it happen to them. Now I have had it happen to me. I didn’t cry, though. I did see an opportunity to pamper my feet. First I scrubbed them really well in the tub. Adon then saw an opportunity to play with the teapot that was in the tub and get everything really wet. I promised him a bath later on, and we got out. I received a tube of peppermint foot mask a while back as a gift, but hadn’t yet used it on my feet. It makes a great application to bug bites in the summer; plaster a bit over the bite and the peppermint makes the kid forget the itch. I looked at the directions to see how long the mask needed to sit on my feet- 10 minutes. I’ve got time, I thought. So I sat back on my bed, foot mask and towel in hand, and went to work applying the paste to my feet. I didn’t think about how much of it would still cover my hands, and was too far away from any baby wipes to wipe them off. So I set my iPod timer with a clean knuckle and sat back to relax with my feet up. Ever notice how long 10 minutes is when you can’t do anything? I’m not complaining, though. It was nice just sitting there, breathing. I should do this more often for my hard-working feet; they are there for me each and every day and they rarely complain.
At the end of September, I noticed my jaw was cracking a lot, and sometimes when I ate, the first few bites could be really painful. When we got back from Nashville it started locking occasionally, and I was talking with a lisp, too, which was thcaring me thilly. I went to see my dentist, who did an x ray of my jaw and recommended I start with a mouth guard to wear at night to help combat the grinding I do. The mouth guard turned out to really help my jaw; I now have no pain, and only occasional popping. My dentist really felt that the mouth guard wasn’t enough to fully treat the issue and thought I should see a specialist. There are many problems with this- the specialist’s in Cleveland, and even if I jumped through all the hoops to get there, would she just say keep with the program I am already on, wearing the guard at night and avoiding hard or crunchy foods? But maybe she would be able to do some kind of one time adjustment and my jaw would be back to normal. I’m still mulling over it.
I got to thinking about things that go wrong in my body, and what lengths I will go to to try to fix them. I am sure that as I age, depending on the ailment, I may be less concerned with doing too much to fix things, especially when I know they will never be perfect again. Pregnancies have all left their marks on me, marks of ownership, a dear friend of mine calls them. Then there are the issues like my jaw where at least I have gotten to a point where it doesn’t hurt. If I can continue like this without pain, what is the need to go further with care? These are new thoughts to me, one who loves her body and loves for it to work. Someone was telling me the other day about a lady who said, “I want to enter eternity completely spent physically: not a single gift or talent or ability God gave me not used to its fullest!” What an inspiration.

As for me
I know that my Redeemer lives
and at the last
He will take His stand on the earth.
Even after my skin is destroyed
yet from my flesh I shall see God
whom I myself shall behold
and whom my eyes shall see
and not another.
Job 19:25-27

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  1. Love this post! I too wear a mouth guard at night (in fact I need a new one because the current one has holes in it!) and it helps a lot. I think Daniel just started using one too, must be genetic 😉
    Also, my chiropractor adjusts my jaw and it really has helped. You could look into that, would be closer than Cleveland.

    love you!

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