Where O Where

…Is my Bible? When I called a friend today and explained I thought I left it at her church last Thursday, it occurred to me that this sounded very unspiritual of me. How could I be missing my Bible for five days and only now be calling her about it? I resisted the urge to make lame excuses like:

-We cleaned out our van in great haste Saturday morning; I figured I must have put it in the back with the other items I wanted to hide from our traveling buddies

-You should see our bedroom right now; each day I looked under a pile and didn’t come up with anything

-We have many other Bible versions available around the house and online, and I found doing my Bible study with them, particularly The Message on Saturday, quite enriching

Silly, fruitless chatter going on in my mind. Fact is, I feel as if I have lost one of my arms, or even an eye. I hope it will turn up soon.
A couple of hours after I called my friend about my Bible, Noah came running from his bedroom, saying a blue minivan had just stopped at our mailbox and put something in it. We thought this might be my Holy Book, so Sam went running down the driveway to see. He returned with a bag of not one, but two new phone books we don’t need. Sigh.

I suggested getting The Message as a gift for someone for Christmas, and Luke uttered a vehement No Way. I didn’t realize he felt so strongly about this translation, er, paraphrase. I think it is kinda fun to read, once in a while. No, one shouldn’t probably go around memorizing portions of it, but I don’t see the harm in reading it. I’m studying Matthew (in BSF) right now, and the reactions Mr. Peterson has the Pharisees producing in chapter 9 are quite humorous: “Hocus Pocus!” they conclude when Jesus drives out an evil spirit from a mute. I heard this quote at lecture last night-
“The unbelieving mind will not be convinced by any proof. The worshipping heart needs none.” ~A.W. Tozer

Time to start my pantry chili and a cake of cornbread. Looking forward to eating it tonight.