God Alone

Time flies too quickly by; I don’t ever feel a sense of accomplishment anymore. Already it is the middle of October, already time for our next book club meeting on Friday. We are nearing completion of this month’s book, called The Mysterious Benedict Society. Very good book.
I just finished Evidence Not Seen today. I cried at the end. Darlene Deibler was a missionary in the East Indies who was put in an Japanese internment camp during WWII. I may suggest it to our ladies at church; they might be interested in reading it some upcoming month for their book club.
I also just finished crocheting a newborn hat. No, not for a baby of mine. Some people are coming to our ‘International Worker’s Conference’ next week and the ladies are trying to manufacture some hats and booties to send with them. This is quite an accomplishment, as I almost never can finish any knitting or crocheting project I start. But, even this project hasn’t come to a close because I still have the booties to make to go with the hat. I went ahead and started another hat, though, feeling like I could do a better job on a second now that I had labored through the first. I had a couple of rows going, intending to put some work into it after the kids were in bed, and Luke and I watched ’42’ and I completely forgot about it! Must return to it tonight!
Our Bible lesson today was about God, and there was a demonstration that compared God and man. Here were some of the truths listed:
GOD-knows everything, man-needs to be taught
GOD-is everywhere all the time, man-can only be in one place at a time
GOD-is greater than all and more important than all; He is the highest authority,
man-should be under God’s authority and listen to everything God says

It was really neat listening to all of the things that make GOD unique. There is truly no one like Him! Also, it brings a peace to my heart that He is everywhere, there is no where where He is not there. Discovered a new passage that talks about that- Jeremiah 23:23-24.
I’m also comforted by His sovereignty. He has always been, and doesn’t depend on any man or any event to accomplish His will, though He can choose to use those as He wishes. It is wonderful to think that He is so great, so mighty, and so completely ‘other’. I was trying to share this very thing with a friend who is going through a hard time right now and feeling like God has left His post, but I don’t think my encouragements went over too well. I further told her I would pray for her, believing this is ultimately the best thing I can do under the circumstances.

And when my heart is overwhelmed
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I
Oh so higher than I