Folding, Food, Fellowship

Just changed the laundry, and set a timer for ninety minutes. If I do this one simple thing, it is a wonder how much more laundry I get done in a day! Of course, there is the mountain of clean clothes surrounding me right now, needing folded. The train seems always to stop somewhere short of its destination around here. The folding WILL get done this time, however, along with every other undone thing in the front of the house- we have company coming. Yesterday was Aliyah’s 13th birthday, and she wanted to have the grandparents over to celebrate. Earlier this year I started asking her if she wanted to have/do something special for this birthday, like a bat mitzvah or ‘celebrating womanhood’ tea or something, and she decided she didn’t. I can’t say I am not relieved. If she would have wanted something big, we would have had to repeat it in similarity four more times. I can’t fathom what ten weddings are going to look like. Don’t even ask me.
Yesterday when we got home from Bright Lights, I put some spaghetti sauce on to simmer. When Luke got home, he was carrying groceries, among them a pail of ice cream. He suggested we have pizza and save the spaghetti for tonight, when the grandparents come over. This would have worked out better if he ordered the pizza, because I wound up ordering the wrong thing and we paid a lot for my mistake. Sometimes I wish I could be something other than Luke’s ‘yes man’. If I would have removed myself from the situation and made him order the pizza, or better yet, said we were going to have spaghetti and that’s that…but no. Oh, well. Spaghetti sauce is always better the next day, anyway. And, this is chic- I only have two pounds of spaghetti noodles, so I will pop in a box of penne to boil, too, and it will be even more like Olive Garden here tonight! Voila!
I am reading a series of missionary stories currently, and the one I just finished was about a couple in New Guinea who were interned by the Japanese during WWII. It was a very sad book. On Sunday, my friend Dolores from church gave me a couple of books to read- one was about a lady who had an unplanned pregnancy and the other was called Dorie: The Girl Nobody Wanted. The first book I read and could see why Dolores recommended it so highly; Dolores ministers at our local crisis pregnancy center, and life topics are near and dear to her. But the other book I started reading, and almost couldn’t continue, it was so heart wrenching. Honestly, between screwing up the pizza order and reading about this poor orphan girl that only ever asked for someone to love her and only got beatings instead, I was one depressed person last night. I had to put on some Chris Tomlin and sing along to be roused out of my mood.
I did pick it up again, today. It is getting better! The interesting thing is that Doris has just heard a missionary speak, one of the ones interned with the couple I just read the missionary book about! What are the odds, really, of just having read about Darlene Deibler in one book, only to pick up another and read about her there, too! Extraordinary!