“I’m Sorry, That Just Ain’t Right”

These words were uttered by my husband tonight after we got home from the fair.

Here’s the back story. Last year, Aliyah planted some sunflowers in our garden, and entered one or two, can’t remember, in the fair. She won a ribbon, and a check for $2 that I still have because she does not have a bank account yet and it was easier to pay her the dinero than ‘cosign’ the back of the check. This was her first experience entering something in the fair, and it wasn’t without its drama- the flowers have to be in a water bottle, and we didn’t have one, so that was us pulling up to the BP right beforehand to buy a bottle of water. Good thing it was only .99.

Fast forward to this year- We didn’t have much of a garden. Luke bought some tomatoes and peppers and lettuce, but we let the weeds take over and most of it was lost. I forgot to even buy sunflower seeds, and Aliyah took this bravely. There’s always next year.

Then, long about the first of the month, a few sprouts come up among the weedy garden that look an awful lot like sunflowers. We joked among ourselves that if they bloomed in time, we could still make the fair. The first one, the biggest and nicest looking bloom, came out last week, and its head began to droop on Tuesday. Oh, well, we thought, let’s see what the others do. And they bloomed! Just in time! The only problem with them was they both were really small, more like daisies than sunflowers. If we didn’t know they were sunflowers, it would be hard to tell.

Still, off we went to Bellville Thursday afternoon, with the daisies in tow. We had managed to find one old water bottle in the van, and on the way Aliyah noticed it might be leaking, so that was us pulling up the the BP again, purchasing two bottles of water this time for these floral entries.

All weekend we have been conjecturing the odds of Aliyah pulling out a win on one of these flowers. It would make a person almost feel guilty to accept prize money for something she did nothing to create. But only almost, as she owes me $2 for the bottles of water.

We returned tonight to see if she had indeed won. I was at the back of our entourage so I missed the look on Luke’s face when they got to Aliyah’s flowers and he saw the first place ribbon under its water bottle. Wow!

Great year at the Bellville Street Fair. Next year we’re going to pick flowers out of the ditches on the way there and sweep up some ribbons.


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