Center Street Unplugged

Psst- anybody still checking the blog this week? Oh, I knew you would be popping by. Valued readers get a real treat today!!!
Our Open House is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I just realized that is Super Bowl Sunday. That, and our Realtor’s admittance that houses don’t usually make sales from open houses, and you can imagine the high hopes of this. But, God can do anything. You, loyal reader, can do a virtual tour of our home at this website. But I want to let you, my most valued readers, in on a little secret: there are some areas of our home that we decided not to have photographed for the Realtor’s site. We thought sharing that would be putting on too many airs about some of the nice improvements we have made on the home, and would put the other homes on our street to undue shame. But I’ll show you, my closest friends, some pictures I took just this morning of those areas now:
This is the foyer, pronounced foy-yay, what you see when you walk through the front door. I think it is good to have the color of the outside of the house be interspersed inside, too. The children are all trained to sit here on this chair when they come in and take off their shoes before continuing through the house. Hopefully, any visitors to our open house will show the same courtesy.

This is a fountain in the backyard that Luke landscaped. The kids are always trying to throw all our change in there and wish for a better house and grounds. They’re so ungrateful.

This is the chandelier that hangs in our bedroom, a room which could also be used as a dining room. Luke is constantly bumping his head when he climbs into bed. One of the many trials of the helplessly wealthy.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into some of the unphotographed rooms of the house. I didn’t include pictures of our Grecian spa or our hanging gardens patterned off of those of Nebuchadnezzar, but I think you can get the idea. There are many, many things to discover in the pretty blue house in Waldo.

5 Replies to “Center Street Unplugged”

  1. Ha, ha ha! My eyes were popping out of my head when I looked at “your” foyer : )

    Your frame house has a charming exterior, and the bedrooms look so sweet with their carefully made matching beds. Don’t forget to clear everything off the front of the fridge and stick the microwave in the trunk of the car before the Open House.

  2. I found this really amusing. My jaw had dropped and I was like, ‘Wow, is this person affluent or what!’

    As it happens, I followed your link, and I actually think your house is very attractive 🙂

  3. You are so funny; I cracked up reading this!! I actually might have believed the chandalier part though. I liked seeing how clean and pretty your house is!!! Are you always so organized and clutterfree?

  4. Thanks for the tips, Meredith! I am trying to have everything as clutter-free as is humanly possible for this household of seven.

  5. I was surprised to see you had posted and can’t imagine the time it took to add the photos in! It’s fun to see this side of you.
    Love you!
    your sis

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