Water, Water Everywhere

or, A Week In The Life

I came downstairs early Monday morning to find that a portion of the floor in the basement was flooded. It happened to be the area where the kids play with their LEGOS, and there was a library book about LEGOS sitting right in the puddle! After school we hastened to the library and explained what happened. The librarian kindly gave us our options: either pay $24.99 or find one cheaper online or in a bookstore to replace the book. Thank you, Amazon, for saving us 9 dollars!
Wednesday night, Aliyah told me about a puddle downstairs, and I didn’t take her seriously, thinking it was the same water from earlier in the week. But by next morning the puddle was standing water in nearly half the basement, and it was discovered that we had a leak right under the shower. So, school was promptly cancelled Thursday and we worked all morning cleaning that up. Luke planned to take the boys to a Liberty football game at Kent State that evening, so he wouldn’t be home until late. Once he heard about the basement, though, he took the afternoon off work and came to our aid. Seems the pipe came apart under the shower drain; he thinks it may have been worked loose by us slamming the door every time we go downstairs. Yikes! Fortunately, not very many important items got wet; Luke has been getting these big black shelves from Ollie’s and has our stuff on them. There were only a few bins and boxes left on the floor. I did empty his foot locker with all his high school stuff in it, and set it outside to dry out. That, and the wet bike trailer sitting in the yard reminded me of those commercials where the girl throws all the guy’s stuff out the window when they have a fight. Our side yard kinda looked like we weren’t getting along.
Yesterday after school we headed to a park in Lucas where Luke said we should go and let the kids play in the creek. We got as far as Wal-Mart for some lunch items when I realized I had left my diaper bag and wallet at home! The van was about out of gas, so I felt a bit stuck. I couldn’t shop at Wal-Mart without money, I couldn’t continue on to the park or go back home without gas. Thankfully, my hero husband was at the office that day, and was willing to take an early lunch to meet me at Wal-Mart and fill my gas tank. What a guy! We made it to the park and had a wonderful afternoon playing in the creek and collecting buckeyes. I hope to make necklaces to give to our neighbors, and the tree there gave us quite a load!