Time To Myself…And My Dentist

Time for my dentist appointment again. I hope I come away with a better report than last year. There haven’t been too many days this year that I have not faithfully brushed, flossed, and swished. The last visit was understandably difficult because I hadn’t been to see a dentist in years. This time ought to go better if simply for this reason.
Had some black bean soup that I had frozen a leftover portion of- what a great lunch on a chilly day! I was tempted to lick the bowl, it was so good. Cooler temperatures coming mean more soup nights. Can’t wait.
The summer has gone by so fast. Monday we will start school again, but I expect we’ll get a few more summer memories made in the remaining days. The older kids have made impressive progress in swimming this year, thanks to times we have been able to go swim in Luke’s aunt and uncle’s pool. I’m so glad they enjoy the water. I grew up having a lot of opportunities to swim, at a lake by my grandparents’ house, in the ocean, and at lakes and pools locally, too. I loved summers, for that reason. Now, it is an exercise in selflessness not to go swimming every time we have the opportunity. Somebody has to watch the littles who shouldn’t be around the pool, while somebody else watches the budding swimmers. And Luke is the stronger, better swimmer in the event of an emergency. One time we all went to the pool, and it went alright for a while, the littles just sitting on the steps getting their feet wet. But then Adon got ambitious and it became dangerous. Plus, anyone outside of the water was getting eaten alive by mosquitos, making it not worth trying to sit and watch the swimmers. So the last few times I have kept the littles at Luke’s mom’s house down the road, which has worked a lot better.
Okay, this is kindof fun- I am by myself, and time to spare to stop at the library on the way to upload this post. Just saw the first sign- Bellville Street Fair is in less than a month. This is a highlight of our year, the only fair we participate in and attend. Hopefully, someday our church will have a booth in the information tent. Sounds like there is a bunch of red tape in acquiring a booth there.
Still no baby, and I am really surprised. Sure, this only means babies 17 months apart (barring premature birth), but that much separation is like an eternity to me, someone used to something in the 13 to 15 month range. I’m really enjoying Kenan, though, and the way he nurses, it should be no surprise that I am not fertile. He is home sleeping now, and I have a bottle of pumped milk in the fridge that I have told Sarah and Sam to try when he wakes up. We’ll see. Last time he tried a bottle he sputtered and choked like Grandma was trying to kill him. This is a different bottle, may go a little easier. And there’s food, too. And I shouldn’t be gone long. No cavities, please.