Plans are underway for our first evangelistic party, A Watermelon Party. Monday I had Aliyah hastily design invitations for the event, which will be held on Saturday morning in our backyard. Ever since reading that quote from Crazy Love (see a post below), I have not been able to stop thinking about what MORE I could be doing for God. A party in my backyard? This is not even hard, with all my helpers. Why do I drag my feet about things like this? It’s my old self who doesn’t want to get involved, and the enemy who doesn’t want me involved.

Some Jehovah’s Witness came to our house the day after we passed out invitations to our party to our neighbors. After they left, I asked my kids if they thought that was how our neighbors perceived us, going round the neighborhood with our smiles and invites. I hope, though, that our invitation was more personal; we’re asking them to come to our home and there is something monumental we have to share with them. It isn’t like we are just handing them a pamphlet and leaving them to figure things out. Still, it makes me want to brush up on my Truth Awareness. Up until now I have never engaged JW’s in conversation, figuring it would be a waste of time. But this is the third time they have come to our door, and it would be good to be more prepared for the next meeting.