What’s New In Our Troop

I’ve got the six youngest at home tonight, while Luke and the older four practice a song at church they are doing on Sunday. The song is Lord I Need You, currently performed on the radio by Matt Maher. We’re watching Brave and eating popcorn. I was so glad to get Kenan to sleep for a bit, leaving me some time to type.
He has been so out of sorts lately. Though he is still our happiest child, he’s not sleeping as well at night as he used to, and during the day won’t go down for naps awake. So, I nurse him to sleep, and that ends up making our nursing schedule be every two hours! I can’t sustain this, I don’t think. He is our first completely nursed baby at this age, and I am not sure how to proceed. This week I am trying some baby food, hoping that will fill the holes in his tummy so that he can keep on nursing. Since nursing is going so well, I don’t want to hinder it. But, the baby food was such a hit I ran out of it way before I anticipated, so he didn’t get any today. We’ll see how he sleeps tonight.
For the past few months, Luke has become interested in survival/outdoor sporting, and has also been thinking about what kinds of activities along those lines he can do with our boys. He briefly considered Boy Scouts, but with the recent policy changes, he can’t in good conscience let them join this group. But he sees we have at least twenty years ahead of us of some kind of outdoor activity with our sons, so if he is to do something, he might as well be the initiator/leader of some kind of scouting group. Currently, there is a national movement of former Boy Scouts attempting to put together a Christ-centered outdoor program, and Luke has been following that very closely. But, if they formed anything, it wouldn’t happen until January, when charters change over. He’s itching to get started, so he asked permission for a group of fathers and sons to start meeting at our church this fall, in preparation for whatever this new scouting group would decide to make of themselves. He just printed up flyers and distributed them on Sunday- it’s the real deal! I was telling him it has crossed a threshold from a dream to a reality, and now it is kinda scary. Before he was just thinking up fun things to try, now he has to show up! The first official meeting will be August 12.
Since he would like to do ‘scouts’ on Monday nights, I was afraid I would not be able to do BSF this year. I was disappointed at this prospect, but was willing to give it up if that was what Luke wanted me to do. We worked out a tentative plan, however, of me going every other Monday to BSF. This should work okay, as I can get lesson notes on the BSF website and maybe even listen to the lectures I miss. Plus, if Kenan is still nursing (and I hope to be able to nurse him until the end of the year), I will be bringing him, too, and he will be a handful. Every other week would be more manageable.
I plan to start school in two weeks. This coming year holds a lot of promise. I feel like last year was a failure in so many ways, and hope to make up for it in the next. Since I am not pregnant yet, the earliest we would likely have another baby would be April, leaving us with a good chunk of the school year to work, work, work! I need to be disciplined enough to do school every day, even if I am tired/bored/lazy/annoyed/behind schedule. Because I probably will be behind schedule every day! Especially if Kenan continues nursing every two hours. Ay yi yi!