Good Eats

Tonight we had Chicken Pot Pie and Fried Potatoes. This was an exercise in self denial, as it is Deep Dish Pizza Night at our local pizza shop, Two Cousins. Usually I come home from Bright Lights and the last thing I want to do is fix dinner, but it worked out okay since today I prepped a lot of the meal before I left. Must remember to do that every week! It would save us a whopping $32!
We had a good meal last night, too, in spite of the power being out since 4:00 that afternoon. Last Sunday we thought we might have guests, and Luke picked up two cans of chicken from GFS for it. We only ended up using one on Sunday, so we opened the second can last night and Luke cooked it on one of his camping stoves. Kinda fun, really. He made some smart comment about having to work all day and then come home and slave over a hot stoveā€¦I love this man.
I got to thinking how much simpler life would, of necessity, have to be if we didn’t have electricity. It seems really inviting at this time of my life. But, it only took a half hour or so of no power for the kids to start getting on each other’s nerves and asking if they could do a, or b, or c, and me answering that a, b, and c require electricity. We’d have a big adjustment to make if it ever became the norm.
When I make chili, it is different every time. This is fun, until I happen upon a version I really like and want to make it again. Luke keeps coming home from the store with nonperishables like beans, oats, wheat, and rice, and I thought Thursday that I would make some chili with the kidney beans. That, and I was feeling especially inspired after leafing through the Rancho Gordo Cookbook. Too bad I don’t have any beautiful beans like in all those recipes. Luke really wanted us to plant most of our garden in beans this year, but we didn’t get to it in time. He did get a tray of tomato plants, some lettuce and cayenne pepper plants, and some red onions. The onion tops and the top of two tomato plants are gone, the lettuce I cut last night and tasted it- terrible, and the peppers look sickly. I can freely blame the weather this year; even though we were extremely late in getting these plants in, rains and frost would have been working against us no matter what.
Seems I blog about food a lot. I was reminded of one post when a blogger I read mentioned making chickpea cookies. Then when I went back and read that old post, I remembered posting about cabbage rolls. Good times.