Does Anyone Love To S-P-E-L-L Like Me?

I’m excited- we are off to watch a spelling bee in Columbus today. Big A and Big S are coming. In elementary and middle school, I absolutely loved participating in spelling bees. I usually won. The furthest I got in the Scripps Bee was me against a couple others from my school district, and I caved on the word, COLONEL. Of course, I know it backwards and forwards now, will never forget that the army guy is not spelled like popcorn. Back to A, I unashamedly admit that I am trying to live vicariously through her. The day I got word about the bee, I came to her and encouraged her to try out. The first grade words would be no problem for her. She got this ‘I don’t know about this’ look on her face and said, “I’ll know more words after my next birthday.” This was before she saw Akeelah and the Bee. Now, she is very excited to go watch the competition, but still doubts her abilities. Okay, fine. You’ll just be that much better next year, A. Thing is, I don’t know how good a speller she is yet; she reads really well, but she is pretty new at it. We’ll just have to see if she has my photographic memory, or Luke’s ability to put my memory to good use. Hey, he makes me feel needed around hear.