TGIF Thoughts

The boys and Abbie just got back before dinner tonight. They attended a Beulah Beach On The Road day camp Tuesday through Friday, and every other night was spent with Grandma Carol. During those they got thoroughly spoiled by their aunt, uncle and cousins, who live with Grandma Carol. Last night they got to see Monsters University, and it will be all they can do not to tell the rest of us what the movie was about till we see it. Sam has already said it is better than the first Monsters movie, though I doubt that is possible. A prequel being better than the original? Didn’t work for Star Wars.
A busy week comes to a close. Two of the mornings we had to all be up early to take the kids to Beulah Beach, and the other days were pretty full, too. Tuesday I went over to the church to clean the nursery, and got the infant nursery ready to take babies again. The past few months it has simply been a storage room with a corner for nursing mothers. But after last Sunday, I realize we need to break up our littles during morning worship.
Thursday we had a Bright Lights meeting, and even though I was missing a sitter (Carol was being employed with picking up our Beulah Beach campers), I decided I would go and bring Caleb, Adon, and Micah along. It worked out fine, as the skies cleared just as the meeting began and stayed nice until the meeting was over! What a blessing. I sat outside with the boys; Kenan slept in his stroller while Adon and Caleb climbed the playground with two other boys who were there.
Today I awoke so tired. All the running around was catching up to me, and I did not look forward to going grocery shopping. It would be nice to have that done, leaving tomorrow free for other things. So, after breakfast and a sign language video, we set out. Our first stop was the library to return  Signing Time, the video we’d just watched. I am reading through the Bible while nursing, and read in Leviticus the laws about borrowing things and what one should do when those things are damaged or destroyed. Been feeling very convicted about our treatment of library books. Of course, it isn’t usually me damaging a book, but they are taken out on my card and I am ultimately responsible. The cover of Signing Time got damaged, so I thought it best to take it back sooner than planned and ‘fees up to the damage to it. The librarians may begin to think me weird, because this is the third time I have done this in as many weeks, but I want to be faithful to God’s word in this area, if even in a small way.
Since I am reading the Bible most of the time, I have only read one article out of the new Above Rubies magazine. Usually I zoom through an issue in a couple of days, but that way I am sure I miss a lot of good lessons. I’ve had a chance to mull over what was said in this article, and find it to be even more true than I first thought.
The author shares about how she didn’t want to have any more children, so the couple took measures to cut off her fertility. Later, her baby died after falling ill suddenly with a heart problem, and in that experience many truths came into focus. I’ll quote her here.
We used to take our fertility so much for granted that we thought we could just cut it off and throw it in the garbage…We did our absolute best for Eva [the baby who died]…We prayed for her. We fought for her. We loved her. We held her. We slept with her. I pumped milk for hours and hours and hours in the PICU for her. But our fertility, and the hope of life for any other children, we threw in the garbage, like so much detritus. The lives of our future children were of no value to us.
I think of how our van battery died in the parking lot at Meijer last month. Fortunately, Luke was at work and could come over and give us a jump. We noticed the battery wouldn’t do so well with the A/C and radio on, so we rode all the way home, and for the next few days, with these two things off, trying our best to keep our battery going. I can nurture a car battery, but when it comes to being open to more children, I waver, and even try to prevent it sometimes. Such a delusion, isn’t it?