Every Day Is Father’s Day

Today was a good day. We woke up and got ready for church. Luke had a genius idea for getting everybody bathed, since we were all grimy from playing at Grandpa and Grandma Chase’s house the evening before. He told the kids who shower that he would keep them to three minutes or less, and showed them how they should wash: “shampoo, pits, privates, feet, and back to pits, if you need to.” It was hilarious. And so many of them actually showered in less than three minutes! Now that I know they can…No more leisurely bathing. Luke heated water in our large stock pot on the stove for the little ones’ bath- that worked really well, even making the water too hot at first and Aliyah needing to add cold water! It was time to go, and I was trying to brush through the two little girls’ hair and having a really hard time, when I was told that their hair hadn’t been washed, only rinsed, because there wasn’t any baby soap in the tub. Hmmm. Oh, well, at least everybody got wet.
I had an interesting thought while I was in the shower earlier this morning; it seems the strangest, and best, ideas come to me at this time. This was where I first thought of doing the book about Caleb, where I thought of Aliyah using a pillowcase for her laundry, where I have started labor before, and where I can almost always think of good things for which to pray. Anyway, this time it was this:
Maybe I should get baptized again.
Let me first paint the picture of my first baptism; I know it by heart because I have pictures of it. I was 8, it was at a lake. My dad walked me into the water, and hand in hand we made our way out to where our pastor was waiting. He asked me some questions about my decision to follow Jesus, then dunked me in the water. Once.
What a strange thought to come to mind, to be baptized again. On the one hand, I guess I could say that I was too young at the time I did it for it to have meaning. On the other hand, the thought of doing it again could carry with it the impression that one needs to do it again if they first did it when they were very young, and there is value in doing a thing once.
Here’s the real thing, though- if I were to give my testimony, I would share that a more meaningful conversion experience happened when I was 18, at Word of Life Bible Institute, after I had started down a wrong road with dangerous relationships and illicit behavior but been moved, I believe, by the Holy Spirit to consider my ways and to turn around. And it was a turn around, in every sense. Word of Life was a perfect place for me to heal and start to grow. I have always called that time and place my own personal rehab facility.
So, if I truly was converted at 18, technically one could argue that I should be baptized again. Up until now, I haven’t thought it necessary. But the more I think about it through the day today, the more I wonder. A person’s baptism means something not only to the one being baptized, but to the body of believers watching. It is identification with Christ, immersion in His life, His work, His resurrection, His body. Those around me could benefit from seeing me take this step.
That is the positive spin I could see come from this. The negative is that maybe I am just after some self-glorification. When I have an idea, I try to think about where or who it might have come from. If it could only have come from God, easy. Go and do likewise. But sometimes Satan has some pretty good ideas. And I in my flesh do, too. It that case I have to figure out if it is black and white ‘no, shouldn’t go there’ or grey ‘maybe not now, but later it will bring God glory’.
Some interesting indicators that this might be from God- Pastor’s children’s sermon this morning was about Jesus’ baptism! Then, his sermon was about Naaman the leper dunking in the Jordan river, and I hadn’t before thought about how that is a picture of baptism, too- the joy one has after coming up out of the water with a new lease on life. Then, even more bizarre, I checked my email this afternoon and we were invited to a baptism tonight! A girl from our Bright Lights group was being baptized, and I was glad to be able to go and encourage her in this way. Beautiful spot, too, right in the Clear Fork river! As we were leaving, Abbie told me she wanted to be baptized! Awesome.
Here were three indicators today that God may be saying, be baptized. I will continue to pray and seek counsel on this; our next baptism will be during the church picnic in August, so I have some time. If not me, maybe one or more of our children will show some interest. Due to my history, I don’t push our children to get baptized; so far only Aliyah has been baptized while the older five have professed faith in Christ.
Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be a blessing to all who gather at the water there.
“This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” ~God

3 Replies to “Every Day Is Father’s Day”

  1. The bath part cracked me up. I warned one of my boys that if he splashes water on the floor again, he will have to start taking showers only. The horror!
    I like your baptism story and prayed for you to hear God on what to do next.

  2. I thought about being baptized after my “adult” conversion. But I never did. Hopefully it will become clear to you in the coming days! It might be kind of neat to get baptized with some of your children. But it might also confuse them if you tell them you were baptized when you were younger.
    BTW, my best thoughts come when I’m in the shower. I think because it’s a quiet & private place! 😉

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