June Post

That nap felt good. I’ve been trying to keep them to a half hour; any more than that, it seems like I feel worse when I get up than when I went to bed. I think my dad has learned to take ‘catnaps’ in his profession as a truck driver, and I used to not believe he could really feel rested after only a few minutes sleep. But a half hour does more good than no nap at all.
We are headed into some fun days. Both my brother and my sister and her two kids are coming to Ohio. They were last here, each of them, at Christmas, and got to meet Kenan before they left. He’ll be much bigger to them now. Some activities we already have planned, like a trip to the lake to pick upĀ  Aliyah and Sarah from camp. Other things I would like to do, like ride the carousel and tour Kingwood Gardens. Strawberries are ripe down our road, so we may go down there tomorrow and pick some. Picking strawberries for me means I park and let the kids get out and pick them while I sit in the van and read a book or make calls. It is great. The patch at the bottom of the hill wasn’t kept this year like in years past, and there are a lot of weeds. But, it appears they are still opening the field for picking. Maybe it will be even cheaper to pick there this year.
For the past month, during times that I use our microwave, there’ll be flashes of light and a groaning sound. Pretty scary. If that happens, I stop it cooking right away, but most of the time it runs normally. So, I wonder if it is only a certain food that is making the microwave act up? It seemed like melting butter might have been a no-no, so I started putting it in a pyrex bowl and putting it in the preheated oven when I needed melted butter. But just this morning, Sarah was heating up oatmeal, and, though I didn’t see flashes, there was smoke when she pulled it out. What to do? Maybe this is my cue to start weaning myself off of a microwave- I could free up quite a bit of space in my kitchen if I didn’t have one in there. Right now the shelf it is on only goes so high, but if I had that whole wall, I could put more shelving up on it. “I”, meaning Luke, of course. I have envisioned a long white shelf that stretches from the black shelf in the corner to the fridge. That would hold decorative plates and vases and bottles. Luke just got me a plate from the Mexico area of Epcot that has the Aztec (or Mayan?) calendar on it. It would look good up there.
Warming up leftovers would be a challenge. Soup and sloppy things wouldn’t be so hard to put in a pan on the stove, but what does one do with lasagna or a piece of chicken? I guess put them in the oven? I was eyeing the cutest little saucepan some months ago; I think it was meant expressly for melting butter. The circumference of it may only have been half that of my smallest heating surface. I have always loved miniature things. Maybe I am meant to have it.

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