Get Your Gun, There’s Cows In The Road

Day two of the schedule, and already I can see why I haven’t attempted one before. It is really hard to stay on track! Lots of good excuses- Tuesday is our Library day, and it being VBS week has us unusually tired and a bit grumpy. But it turned out to be other reasons the schedule wasn’t followed.
Back in March, Luke bought a product (starts with g and rhymes with fun) from a company. Try as he might at adjusting the pieces, he couldn’t use the product with the success he should have, so he called the company. They had him ship it back to them, telling him they would try to fix it. Weeks went by, with few updates on the product’s progress. Luke would call the company, only to be put off or redirected to someone else or told something to get him off the phone. Finally, one day last week, Luke decided he would ask for his money back and buy this product from the rival company (starts with r and rhymes with bemington). Lo and behold, the company suddenly decided to send him a brand new product by UPS two day air! This was to arrive sometime today, and I was thinking that we shouldn’t go to the library in the morning if it hadn’t come yet, since someone would need to be there to sign for it. I told the kids, this is important to Daddy, therefore it is important to us. So, we waited all morning for the package to come, missing our library trip and not exactly following our schedule. But, the product did get delivered this afternoon, and we were able to text Daddy the good news.
He called me this morning soon after he’d left to tell me that cows across the road from us were in the road. This is the third time (the second time in ten days!) we have had to call the sheriff about this- the neighbor apparently is having some fencing issues. What a frightening thought to come speeding up our hill in a little car and meet a huge cow! I hope that this visit from the sheriff is accompanied by some consequences, not because I feel any ill will toward our neighbor, but because he is putting people’s lives in danger and needs to change his ways. After Luke’s call, I walked down the driveway to the mailbox, trying to see if there were still any cows out or if the sheriff had come. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, but I knew that there could be something over the hill that I, and the cars coming past our lot, couldn’t see. I wondered how I could warn them to slow down and be watchful without parking myself in a lawn chair at the mailbox for a few hours, waving my arms. The thought came- a sign! When I got back to the house, I went to work making one out of a cardboard box, thinking I could hang it from the mailbox. As soon as they saw my sharpies, the kids came round the table to help. What to say on the sign, though? It had to be simple, telling of the danger in a few words. Two possibilities were:
“Cows”- too short, might just think we have them for sale
“Cows ahead”- still not enough to cause a driver to take notice
We settled on “cows in the road” with cows really big, and in the road a bit smaller underneath. I told the kids how I felt that this was a time where even though it wasn’t our responsibility to remove the cows, it was our responsibility to try and protect people driving by, since we knew about the situation. In James it talks about knowing the good we ought to do and not doing it being sin, too. Also, I told them how making this sign was kinda like our failed church plant, Hope Community, all those years ago. Looking back, it would seem rather hopeless, with Grandpa Don, our pastor, dying, and nobody coming to our church. But that didn’t matter so much in the bigger picture; God was looking for obedience. So, this sign might just be a silly way to throw us off our new schedule and not help anyone avoid hitting a cow with their car, but then again, God can do a lot with obedience even in the small, silly things.
Sarah says the sign blew off the mailbox within ten minutes of installing it. Oh, well. We have it for the next time, if there is one.