First Day

Today is a day of many firsts. I have been thinking about putting myself and the children on more of a structured schedule, and today was the day to start implementing it. Kenan has been doing alright on a 3 hour feeding schedule; I got that going first so that I could have him be more dependable during the day. For the rest of us, I desire to see us accomplish more in the morning, and have the house in good shape in time to see Daddy come home in the afternoon. He puts in a 9 hour workday; maybe we could approach our day in the same manner, with the same goals and limits placed on our time. Also, we only have him in the evenings, and I would like to see our schedule putting us in a good position to enjoy that short time we have with him.
The schedule met with some resistance, as expected. Though not much is being introduced as new, shuffling around our activities has the children getting up earlier and having more things to do back to back. I think it will be okay, though, if I can stay firm and consistent and they adjust to it. Three priorities are tooth-brushing, piano practice, and showers, and I have not completely figured out how to get these all done in a day. The older girls should shower at least every other day, and the older boys are nearly to where they need one that often, too. I’m putting the boys’ showers, for now, at night, since their hair is short and can dry faster than the girls’ but that leaves me with when the girls should shower. They weren’t too keen on getting up earlier than early to do it, but I think some days that will have to be what happens. Today I had them do it during naptime.
Another first: the first day of VBS. The theme is Colossal Coaster Ride, so lots of amusement park stuff going on. The shirts are blank purple or yellow uniforms our pastor obtained from Cedar Point, and when I brought my purple shirt home yesterday, I had all sorts of ideas how I could jazz mine up:
-bric a brac along the front and back to make it look like a western shirt
-embroider my name above the front pocket, or a generic name like Joe or Mike
-take in the sleeves so that they would be more stylishly angled like current shirts are
-buttons spell out ‘VBS’ across the back
Any of these embellishments would have been lovely, but the only thing I accomplished was to advise Aliyah some on her VBS shirt- She took the button and strap at the top of the shoulder and rolled the sleeves under it- a cute look. I did pull out the sewing machine and attempt to take in my sleeves, but after doing one had to admit to myself that I stink at sewing. I don’t know how to get the tension just right so that I don’t have huge loops in the thread above or below, and I don’t have the patience to learn how. Back in the box the machine went, and out came the stitches. I may roll up the sleeves some, we’ll see.
Aliyah and Luke are helping at VBS doing songs, and I will be in and out of the preK group and nursery. Tonight, however, it looks like Luke and I will also help with games. I’m glad he is so good with kids; I definitely could not lead games any better than I sew.