Tales Of Heads

Adon got his first haircut last weekend. I think this is the longest we have gone before chopping off the baby curls- he is not quite 22 months old. I have snipped at his bangs and sides a few times while he is in the bathtub, but the majority of the curls have remained. It continues to be a shock when I see him in the morning, or when he walks into a room. But the real surprise is how much he looks like the other boys when they were his age: that Sam was when Don died, that Noah was when Abbie was born, that Caleb was when he got a book written about him. It takes me back.
I wanted to watch some home videos of the other boys this morning, so we sat and looked at film from when we lived in a ‘pretty blue house’ (coined by Aliyah?) in Waldo. After a bit, I started feeling really sick to my stomach, and had to go lay down. I told Sarah to make lunch and put the little ones to bed afterward, and collapsed in my bed for an hour and a half. What a difference 8 years make! When we lived in that pretty blue house, I had four, four and under, and would never have been able to retreat to my room when sick. I did have a good neighbor whose daughters did come over from time to time if I had a migraine; they were a homeschooling family with 8 children.
My illness today continued into a migraine, which came at a terrible time. Tonight was our children’s program at church, and I needed to be there to share a missions lesson. Fortunately, it involved showing a video, so I wouldn’t need to talk as much. But I was frightened as we got ready for church and my head was feeling so bad- these headaches usually progress to uglier things. Would I make it through the evening without throwing up?
I’ve started a biography about George Muller, and have been inspired at his complete dependence on God in prayer, and the way he would move forward in faith once he did pray. So, as I dressed for church, I prayed that God would allow me to be strong enough to give this lesson, as I kept moving forward in preparation for the night’s activities. We got to church and I was still miserable. Time came to sit by while the kids finished their verse memory game- still hurting. Then, just as I settled in front of the room and opened my mouth to talk to the children, the headache left! It was truly amazing. I was prepared to grit my teeth and act cheerful for this lesson, but found I could actually interact with the children with true joy and excitement! Our God is so good!

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  1. That is beautiful how you put faith into action and then felt well when you especially needed it! We are reading about him too this year from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series.

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