No Provision

I’ve come up with a motto: Just Trying To Do Better Than I Did Yesterday. After only one day with my new motto, I have already failed at that. The day began okay- I watched the sun come up and felt like it really had promise. We were headed to church, and I had already made up my mind we weren’t staying afterward for the lunch and information fair on area help agencies. My reasoning was I wanted the kids (and myself) to get a good nap today, after yesterday’s big event- Sam’s Nerf Battle Birthday party! I made 64 pepperoni rolls and two cakes, and the kids and Luke played five different versions of Capture The Flag, Nerf dartgun style. They were still pumped last night when they went to bed, and didn’t fall asleep for a while. So, a good nap was in order.
But, when the service was over and the kids and Luke all looked at me, asking if we would stay for lunch, I thought about how maybe one of them would be impacted personally by one of these agencies or ministries, and be called to be part of it, so I said we could stay. Plus, I was really hungry at that point.
The church had gotten subs from Subway and there was vegetable soup. I chowed, it tasted really good. Adon started crying when I started going around to the different tables, though, so we had to pack everybody up and head home. The kids did get to visit the tables, and came home with all sorts of goodies, like a mini-Salvation Army bell, and Richland Pregnancy Services post-it notes. The post-it notes proved to be an issue as we left; Abbie got some but Anna did not in our haste to leave the gym when Adon collapsed. So Anna decided to collapse, too. I’m standing outside the van holding Adon and Anna’s up in the van but blocking anyone else from getting in, and moaning, “I want a noooooooote pad!” I did what any confident, loving parent would do in those circumstances. I moaned to Luke, “I can’t dooooo this right now! He’s heavy and my back hurts!” He quickly exited his Buick and came over to advise Anna of her options. 1. get in her seat, or 2. get a sore seat.
I don’t like it when I crumble like that. It didn’t have to happen. On my run later, I thought about how I am just as bad as my toddler and preschooler. If I was honest, I would have to admit that the only reason I didn’t want to stay for lunch was that I have had some pretty luxurious naps lately, and was afraid I might miss out on one today. I’m like a four year old who isn’t getting what she wants. And I know better! Just this morning I was reading Romans 13:14-
Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh and its lusts.
This verse clearly lays out what my day should look like, if I do want it to be better than yesterday. Be clothed with Christ, and don’t give in to my flesh. Days that I don’t even expect a nap, or any good thing for that matter, are really good days, strangely enough. Many times I do get the unexpected thing after all, or something even better.

Unexpected Blessing of the Day: all the leftover Subway subs and spaghetti and meatballs from the church lunch!