Reality Needed And Aprons For Sale!

As I went through my morning yesterday, I was compiling a sort of “Day in the life of…” post, to share with everybody what it is like at our house on a normal day. At about mid-morning, I read over what I had written, and yawned. The kids were behaving so well, and the day was going so smoothly, that I just knew that a post about this day wasn’t going to be entertaining. I’ll have to wait until the next overflowing toilet or meltdown at Meijer, and start jotting notes then. That’s much more true to life than yesterday was. They all slept at naptime! That was due to playing in the snow, sure to wear any preschooler out. Stay tuned for a reality post someday soon, though.
In other news, Connie, who won the grand prize apron in the Apron Power Photo Contest, actually makes replicas of the very apron she won, and is selling them here. This would be a great apron for just about any female needing one; it flatters any body shape, and is very durable, made from oilcloth. It would look good simply hanging in your kitchen! Which is why I entered the contest and tried to win it. But I am glad to know where else I can find an apron like that- made by Connie.

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