Day by Day

Another sick day. We had some stomach issues passing around three weeks ago, and now it appears we have a bug again. Caleb came home from the Cincinnati homeschool convention not feeling well, and actually stayed sick for most of that next week. I grew more concerned by the day, and thought about how this is what families with real illness and disease deal with on a regular basis. Their child is sick and doesn’t get better for a long time. It would really change our lives to have a child with a serious condition like cancer or something. Makes me glad it is only the sickies!
I like sick days, because I can put school on the back burner and concentrate on the kids and keeping house. These are things I enjoy doing, if I have the chance to do them well. I have realized that I don’t like doing school very well, because when I add that to everything else in the day, nothing at all gets done very well because it is hard to focus on excellence. Also, it is really easy to get bored with school when the weather turns nice. I don’t know if I will ever have a year where I think I have done a good job of homeschooling. Maybe the last one.
Something that has gone well for me is the missions lessons I have been doing at church. We switched from AWANA to a curriculum called TeamKID for our Wednesday night children’s program. During the evening there is a 15 minute missions lesson about a different country each week. This year we have traveled to Burkina Faso, Russia, Indonesia, Germany, Uruguay, and many other places, to find out about how God is reaching people who have never heard the Gospel. I find my own awareness and compassion growing by the week, so at the very least, these lessons have impacted me. Last week’s lesson was about the 10/40 window, the imaginary rectangle that spans North Africa to Asia and is home to millions of people yet unreached. Having just finished a biography about Hudson Taylor and his heart for China, I thought it would be good to give the kids a picture of what the reality is for much of the world- no Bibles, no Gospel materials, no people have gone there to tell them about the one true God yet. The task seems overwhelming, but we serve a great God who intends His word to reach every creature before the end.