Picture Day

We’ve had two children since we last had a picture taken as a family, so I was excited to hear our church was bringing in a photographer to do that for a new church directory. Saturday was the day we were scheduled to come to the church and have our picture taken. I didn’t have any expectations other than to try to have us all look decent and clean, and I think that really contributed to the day being a hilarious one rather than a stressful one. Our appointment was at 10:40. I scheduled it midmorning thinking we shouldn’t be too tired or too hungry, and would have plenty of time to get ready. And we did get a lot accomplished. Three of the boys got haircuts, almost Adon, too, but we decided to wait on his. Some of the children weren’t too happy about what they had to wear on a Saturday morning or having to brush their hair and teeth on a Saturday morning or rushing around on a Saturday morning, and at one point Micah whined, “I don’t like to get my picture taken!” before we had even left the house. Abbie didn’t want to cooperate either, which made one of her parents threaten to leave her at home, something he quickly realized he couldn’t really carry out. We were ready in good time, and I had gone out to start the van 10 minutes prior to our departure. When Luke went out to get in, he realized the van was locked! This is at least the third time the van has done this, locking all the doors when we turn it on. Luke thinks this has to do with the battery going. So, even though we might have been on time for once, something once again came along to hinder us. I was already laughing about how this picture taking was going to go, and having the van locked when we were all ready to go made me laugh more, strangely enough. But we gathered in the living room and prayed about what to do. Luke used a thin rod to shimmy through the door, and was able to push the door-lock button. We were back in business, and still laughing. “Unfortunately, this procedure has damaged our drivers’ side door” (which is already quite damaged by my accident in the snow 2 years ago) and “I’ll just put this rod right here on the dashboard so we’ll have it if the doors lock us out again” were two of the funniest things Luke could have said at that moment. I was so glad he could laugh about this.
When we got to the church for our appointment, we were only a few minutes late. It didn’t take too long to take our picture, but we noticed how squished we had to be to get us all in a ‘portrait’ setting. The directory will have all its pictures like this, so it was a challenge for the photographer to get us all in. Caleb was in constant danger of getting his arm cropped out of the picture, and they would keep telling us to put our heads closer together. When it came time to pick which one we wanted, we settled on one where most everybody looked okay, and it turned out to be the first shot taken. The photographer said this is often what happens. Kenan looks the best of all of us; he seems to be saying, “Whassup?!” We’ll get a free 8×10 out of the deal, and  a directory. I can’t wait to look through it and imagine what the other families went through to get that picture taken.