Feeling Behind

Adon was up a lot last night with a cold, so I was slower getting things done this morning. We did accomplish some good things, like starting the dishwasher and mopping the floors after breakfast, but I have only just taken my shower at 10:00. It is very therapeutic for me to do things in a certain order, and when we have a day like this (usually every other day or every third day), I like to pull myself back into a routine by
1. reading my Bible
2. starting a load of laundry
3. starting a load of dishes
That way, at least some of the essentials are getting attention first thing. School almost always has to be shelved on days like this. Carol is coming over to do piano lessons and watch the boys and littles while the girls and I go to Bright Lights, so the only other thing I hope to accomplish today is get the girls baths and showers. I hope every Thursday doesn’t turn out to be this jumbled, with no school getting done.
Last night I kept my kids in the nursery during our children’s group, and noticed a book lying on the counter that had been torn. By the looks of the cover, the book was about Firefighters, but the page that was damaged had a caveman on it. I looked at the page before it and read, ‘fire was probably discovered by accident by early man…’ or something to that effect, with pictures of these neanderthals hovering over a pile of sticks, just like in Night At The Museum. What?! What was this book doing in our church nursery? I’m sure whoever picked it up at a yard sale only saw the cute firetruck on the cover and didn’t bother to read it. Weird. I tossed the book into the trash can.
Well, I’m off to complete my list of the above return-to-routine tasks. Unfortunately, I have been performing them backwards today.