My bedroom always smells like a restaurant when I go in there after dinner. I don’t know why; the door is always closed and the room is a mite cooler than the rest of the house. Does the smell come through the vents? As I lay Kenan on our bed to change his diaper (this is where the changing table is, as he sleeps next to our bed in a bassinet), I decided to give him a bath first. This would be only his second bath where he is actually immersed in water. He is an interesting sort when it comes to being cold. Whenever we take him outside in his carrier, he starts breathing quickly and freaks out, no matter how much he is bundled or how cold it is outside. Sometimes it hasn’t even been cold outside, only the breeze will hit his face and he doesn’t know what to do with that. Anyway, when I put him in the baby tub tonight and a drop of water landed on his head from the faucet, he did that same hyperventilating thing. It is kinda funny, since I know he really isn’t in any danger, but he thinks he is. Each baby I have bathed less and less. I wash their hair every other day and wipe here and there, but for the most part they stay dry their first few months out of the womb. It makes it an event when that bath comes around.

Speaking of occasional immersion, Luke is watching the Liberty-North Carolina game with the boys tonight online. This is the closest we get to watching tv, so they are absolutely riveted on the game and five commercials that play over and over. The girls keep on coming out, too, because it is such a rarity. I love the scarcity of tv at our house. For the second half of my childhood, I watched a lot of tv. I was telling the kids at dinner that I would watch shows from when I got home from school til it was time for bed, and all day on Saturday. Yikes! It used to give me headaches. I remember sometimes I would simply lay on the couch with my head hanging over the side upside down when it hurt, but I didn’t turn the box off! Going to Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville (read: Nowheresville), NY for a year is what I think broke me of this destructive habit. We didn’t have tv’s in our dorms, of course, but even if we did, there wouldn’t have been many channels to watch. This was the mid-nineties, right before the Internet explosion, so there wasn’t the option of watching anything online. I remember watching the Super Bowl, though- they showed it via a projector in our classroom/chapel hall. After WOLBI I went to Liberty, and was too busy to have much time for tv, and, again, they weren’t allowed in the dorms. I do remember having a tv most years after Luke and I married, but we never had cable except when we lived with his mom. Ever since we have lived here, we only have movies and tv shows we have purchased stored on our computer. Some tv series we enjoy watching are: 19 kids and counting, Andy Griffith, Little House on the Prairie, and Waltons. The latter two I am losing interest in- as Aliyah said the other day, they make me feel weird. Little House (I first typed Little Louse, how funny) is just so overdramatic to me in my adult perspective; when I was little I loved watching it. Waltons is kind of the same way, but I like it better than LH.

When I was away last fall at a women’s conference, I kept bugging Luke at home to get online and watch the conference so he and the kids could see Keith and Kristyn Getty, the worship leaders there. When he finally did, it was during a message from Janet Parshall. All weekend she had been wearing these pantsuits like Hillary Clinton, and Luke texted me, “What’s up with the suit?!” Anyway, he couldn’t keep it on long because the kids were making a lot of noise and the tv being on added to the chaos. I love that television is an occasional treat in our family, not the norm. It is much more appreciated, and used wisely, that way.