I Won!!!!

Well, not the whole thing, but I got fifth, which means I win a book by Barbara. Yea! Thanks to all who voted for me. I don’t know if the nifty but annoying banner up all week had anything to do with it or not. Or me threatening to charge readers who didn’t vote. Maybe a teensy bit.
I prepared a little something to say on such an occasion:
I’d like to thank God, Who created me and gave me the ability to feed and care for my family, and to make big messes, necessitating an apron.
I want to remember the supermarket chains, without which I wouldn’t have the food at my table (and under the table, and on the floor, and on the walls, etc.) to fix and clean after we’ve eaten our fill.
Lastly, I’d like to thank Barbara, who allowed those of us who wear aprons to show off.
See all the winners here.


3 Replies to “I Won!!!!”

  1. Yeah! That was fun! Congratulations!
    P.S. I was the one who wrote one of the quotes under your pic. “She is a sweetheart, and she wears aprons every day and needs more!”

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