Decisions And Onions

Since September we have been involved with a homeschool literary club. Each month we get together to discuss and share projects we have made about a classic book we read. I have really enjoyed the exposure to ‘new’ books we haven’t yet read, and also the chance to meet other families who homeschool. Some ladies from our group have been discussing how to expand the literary club into a co-op that meets regularly to share in other subjects besides classic books. At first I was all for being involved in this, but now with the introduction of Bright Lights into our weeks, I am not so sure. The new group will meet once a month on Friday, just like the Classics group, so if we were to join the co-op we would be away every other Friday. Also, each mom would take turns choosing the topic and leading a meeting. I like the prospect of field trips and a variety of interesting things to study. But it may be too much for us right now. Will have to do some thinking and praying about it.
Two essentials were gone from the house all weekend- my husband and my knives. The lesser, the knives, which have been sent away to be sharpened, I thought wouldn’t be too hard to live without. After all, I only had to come up with recipes that didn’t require any chopping, peeling, or dicing. At the first night’s meal, breakfast for dinner, I went to make potatoes’n onions and got all the way to reaching for an onion and laying it on a cutting mat before I remembered. Not to worry, though! The pie cutter and the cheese grater got the job done, however imperfectly. I like having challenges like that that I have to come up with an alternate way of doing things. I get to pretend it is the end of the world as we know it and all I have to survive is a pie cutter and a cheese grater. It is good to know that we would make it. We would just have to have breakfast at every meal.