Jaylynn’s Journey

On Tuesday, January 16, Jaylynn Freeman had surgery at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The name of Jaylynn’s surgery was an osteoplasty of the left femur with application of multiplanas external fixator, pseudoarthrosis of left femoral neck. This means they are starting the process to begin lengthening Jaylynn’s left femur bone. This external fixator is made of metal and has 8 pins penetrating through her leg into her bone. The bone was cut in half and will begin to make new bone forming towards each other, as each day 4 times a day the external fixator will be turned by Maggie [her mom] to get approximately 8 cm in about 4 months. Everyday Jaylynn will have therapy to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and bone. The external fixator will be on for eight months. The first four months are the bone lengthening. The last 4 months are the bone healing stage. Jaylynn will come back home [to Ohio] after the four months of lengthening for the bone healing stage. Jaylynn’s recovery has been great. She has had an epidural in for two days due to pain making her comfortable. The day after surgery, by wheel chair, she was able to go to the playroom and make a bead necklace and paint. Therapy will start on Monday. Prayer requests are for good health, no pin infections, good lengthening results, good therapy results, travel safety, and home sickness. God is good. We praise Him for taking care of all our needs.

Thurs., Jan 18 Jaylynn had the epidural removed. This made for a different day since she was no longer numb and could feel sensation and pain. She had therapy two times today in her bed. There were many tears but you could see that she wasn’t as tense the second session. Her therapist, Moshi, had her standing with a walker. He even had her hop forward as best she could with help. Later in the day the nurses removed the padding that is wrapped around the pins that stick out the side of her leg and attach to the fixator. This was extremely difficult for Jaylynn. Many tears again. She had one episode today where she was very uncomfortable with pain in her femur bone for about an hour before medication took its effect. That was hard on everyone. In spite of all the interruptions, prodding, and pain Jaylynn still wants to go to the play room. She made two bead necklaces and did a brush painting. Ken, Lacie and Deven [Grandpa, aunt, and brother] should arrive Friday evening. That will give us all something to look forward to. Please keep us in your prayers. It is a comfort to know people are praying. You can feel God’s power giving each of us the strength we need. It is a long journey but we serve the Guide who will take us every step of the way.