Naptime Thoughts

Naptime is such a good, quiet time. The kids didn’t get to have a nap Thursday or Friday, so that makes it all the more delicious today. Thursday we all attended an informational meeting about Bright Lights, a Biblical discipleship program for girls. It looks as if four of our girls will be able to participate: Aliyah, Sarah, Abbie, and Anna. I am really looking forward to being part of this and allowing our daughters to get to know girls from other like-minded families in the area. The group will meet Thursdays at 1:15, a strange time for it at first thought, but since we are all homeschooling families, it isn’t, really. I am realizing more and more that naptime will have to be shelved as the older kids have more outside activities. Right now, it is only Thursdays that will be this way, but eventually we may be out and about more afternoons during the week. I’m glad the transition is slow and I only have to adjust to one activity at a time. We aren’t in sports yet, or 4-H, or anything other than church and one homeschool group that meets monthly, so I feel like this can be a good addition for our family. And I am so thankful for the timing of it- just looking at the room full of beautiful girls on Thursday brought tears to my eyes. Our daughters don’t have too many girls they can be close friends with, due to scheduling and geographical differences. Here is a group of sweet, REAL people with whom they can hone their relational skills. Thank You, Lord!
Friday we had lunch with another large family from our church. It is always an encouragement to be around other moms with the same challenges and blessings as we seek to care for and raise so many. We both love reading Above Rubies magazine and were talking about the latest issue having a few stories about ladies having babies into their forties, even some in their fifties, and what that might look like in our families. The reality, apart from what our culture may tell us, is that a woman is meant to continue bearing children until menopause! If God intended anything different, He would have designed our bodies differently! So, it should not be shocking and certainly should never be looked down upon for an ‘older woman’ to have a baby. One article closed with the thought, what more beautiful blessing is there to herald the end of one’s fertility years than a baby? I liked that. I don’t know how many more we will have, but I won’t be surprised if I am pregnant at our oldest daughter’s graduation, or even her wedding! Maybe we’ll be having babies at the same time! That would be wild.

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  1. This sounds so beautiful for the girls and you! I loved hearing about the other large family. Are you in the same church? I really enjoyed the post about the 2 dates and offers for babysitting and then you guys babysitting for others. It sounds like a party! Beautiful!

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