Home from the store- I always feel so good the day we bring home a week’s worth of food and the ‘larder’ is full! It goes fast, though. Noah and Abbie have been gone all weekend, and it actually made a difference at Aldi today. Just having two less changed the dynamic somehow. The older 3 were given another chance at Meijer, and were in and out in a half an hour. I was glad to be able to sit in the van and feed Kenan. The littles and I sang some songs, really only 2, as the ‘God loves (insert name here) song can go on for quite some time if we sing about every family member. It was cold, wet, and really foggy outside, and I think we all preferred to sit in the car and stay warm.
We’re having our picture taken for the church directory next Saturday, and Luke wants us to do white shirts again, so I stopped at Goodwill to look for some. I found a few that might work, but they aren’t all white. Some, like Adon’s and mine, will have a sweater over top, but overall I think we will all coordinate nicely.
I had hoped to have a family picture sooner, to send to the child in Bolivia that we sponsor. But these portraits weren’t going to be taken soon enough, and our child is a small baby who wouldn’t likely know whether she had a picture of her sponsor family or not. That makes me feel better about missing the opportunity. Our church may send a group to visit the children’s home there in Bolivia the summer after next, and I hope to send at least one of our kids. Maybe I’ll get to go, if I am not pregnant or have a newborn. Wouldn’t that be exciting.
I probably will think this more and more as I get older, but I often find myself thinking as I care for Kenan, ‘This might be the last baby…this might be the last time I do this… this might be the last time I do that.’ Some things I will not miss. But many things I know I will, like their little soft heads and big eyes. He is such a good baby, it brings all those things I will miss into sharper focus, and likely makes me think about it all so much more. I notice, too, that we all are better off for having a baby in the house. We’re more gentle; we try not to talk too loudly; we smile more. We might have to borrow a baby from time to time when the house eventually is baby-less. I hope it won’t be too soon.

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  1. Oh yes it sounds exciting and lovely that one of yours and maybe you might go!

    I relate to the baby thoughts. Oh the eyes, and the toes, and smiles, coos. I wondered if you enjoy them as much as one who has waited 8 years, and I bet you do. 🙂

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