Lost And Found

I should know by now that nursing in my bedroom with the door closed while everybody else is out in the house unsupervised is not a good idea. It was further proved this morning when I came out to jigsaw puzzle chaos- the littles had emptied out several puzzles onto the floor and were only working (half-heartedly) on one of them. Many of them were from a set of Disney puzzles we had gotten the kids for Christmas 2 years ago and had gradually lost pieces to vacuums, toddlers, and toddlers feeding them to the dog. Since these pieces were all over the floor, I told Sam to just sweep them up with the broom and throw them away, to finally dispose of them. As he was sweeping, Sarah noticed that one puzzle seemed to be all together in one place; she counted the pieces and thought they might all be there. She and Aliyah assembled it at the table only to find it missing about five pieces. I reasoned with her that the remaining pieces could be anywhere, could have disappeared long before today. But she walked over to the trash can and started searching through it anyway. What a long shot, huh? What are the odds that even one of those pieces would be found in the trash, let alone five?
But what if they were? That question was haunting and exciting, and it made me want to go and help her look.
This experience makes me think about God, who looks and looks for lost people like me until they are found. I’m so thankful He didn’t stop searching just because the odds might not have been in my favor, or because it would be a lot simpler and easier to give up on me. Maybe the thought, ‘Yes, there isn’t much chance, but what if it did happen?’ was exciting to Him, too. The Bible tells me He did consider the possibilities, and for the joy set before Him, endured the cross. I’m so glad he thought I was worth looking for, and didn’t stop until I was found.

Your love never fails
It never gives up
It never runs out on me

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