I ended up staying home from my Bible study last night. There wasn’t any particular reason; I just felt really overwhelmed all of the sudden at the thought of driving an hour there and back, in the rain, with Kenan…too much.
Today we went to the library. We try to get there every Tuesday, and last week made it in time for Toddler Story Time. The kids enjoyed that so much that they put forth the effort this morning to get us out the door good and early. We were out of toilet paper and dog food, so after the library we went to Wal-Mart. I sent the older 3 in again, and this time they took a lot longer, though their list was shorter. Worried that something had happened to them, I was just about to take the other 7 in to look for them when out they came. Apparently they had been looking at books and makeup. Hmmm.
Looking forward to dinner tonight- I am making spicy sausage pasta. This stuff is dreamy. It originates from an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook that I promptly borrowed from the library when we tried and loved this dish. I was disappointed with the cookbook itself; this appears to be its only hit.
I do appreciate ATK- I own one of their cookbooks, and a couple of months ago made some biscuits that were in it. They turned out awesome! I love biscuits, but have never been able to make any that didn’t turn out looking and tasting like hockey pucks. This recipe was a little bit complicated, but the results were worth the work. I was so pleased to finally have been able to make one of my favorite foods from scratch, I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he built his first fire. Victorious!
Tomorrow afternoon Luke, Noah, and Abbie leave for a homeschool convention in Greenville, SC. Noah and Abbie are very excited to be going along this time. Luke plans on taking 2 different kids with him to each of the 3 conventions this spring, so every one of the older set will have an adventure to tell about before it’s all over. I have a grocery list of items I want them to look for while they are at these conventions, like Caldecott winners at the used book booths and cocoa butter at the lotions and soaps booth. We’re also looking for a good set of measuring cups and spoons with handles that are all one piece. I don’t know how long I have been limping along with my broken cup measures, waiting for these conventions to roll around again. It will be nice to get those. We are thinking about getting a Bosch mixer, as well. Once I have one, it will be simpler for me to make the family’s bread. I got a mill last year but haven’t been able to do bread full time with the Kitchen Aid we currently have. How good it will be to have homemade bread every day and not have to buy bread anymore!
All this talk about food is making me hungry. I want to go eat chocolate but I really should go work out now.