Made To Be A Mother

After I am done feeding and burping my infant son Kenan, I lay him in his baby seat. Almost immediately, my 2 year old daughter Micah comes over to the baby and begins to smile and coo at him, stroking his face and arms. She can sit there for quite a while, telling Kenan all her secrets and drawing out his sweet smiles. Sometimes she will tuck her own beloved blanket around him, swaddling him so warmly he couldn’t ask for more comfort. One time Kenan actually fell asleep after all her nurturing, and Micah, perceiving her job there to be done, ran off with a satisfied spring in her step.
It is remarkable how such a little girl can display God’s handiwork, and remind me of a couple of basic truths. First, God designed a woman, all women, to be mothers: to give life and to nurture that life. Before any children were even born to him, Adam had the faith and foresight to name his wife Eve, because “she was the mother of all the living.” (Gen.3:20) Even single women or childless women have this God-given ability to nurture and encourage those He brings into their lives. It is a beautiful thing to see.
When Micah covers Kenan with her precious blanket, I imagine it is her giving him her very best. More often than not, I am doing a task in my mothering with only half-hearted interest. This small child’s example is one I need to follow! Just like it says in the Bible, “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” (Col.3:23) Only by giving myself wholly to serving the Lord and others will I have true joy and peace.
Such moments like these between Micah and Kenan are more than just the stuff of memories and cute photos. Children can be very good teachers, too.