What I Did On My Christmas Vacation (Instead Of Have A Baby) Part 2

I didn’t have any specific plans to cook a big meal at Christmas, since it was possible the baby might come, and the idea of doing such a thing right now was pretty tiring. Then Luke’s boss gave us a turkey.We planned on spending Christmas day at Luke’s mom’s, so that meant we would need to have a turkey dinner at home on Christmas Eve. Having never roasted a turkey before, I was very grateful for blogs on the Internet to show me how. The method I chose to use was one that first had me salt the bird all over and place it in the fridge overnight without anything covering it. I just saw Alton Brown do this to a duck the other day on Good Eats, so was reasonably confident that this would be a good thing for the turkey. On baking day, the bird got butter spread all over it and sat out for two hours to get to room temperature. Then, I put it in the oven to bake for 3 1/2 hours. I settled on this amount of time by assuming the turkey, which was quite large, would take the maximum time listed on the blog. Luke came to the same conclusion by lifting 27-pound Adon by his hands and feet and trying to remember if the bird weighed more or less. It turned out to be enough time; I’ll never know if it might have even done with less. Instructions on the blog were to let the turkey rest covered in foil for at least an hour, and ours ended up sitting on the stovetop all afternoon. It was really tasty, and not too dry, and I think a complete success for my first turkey. The blog also had a stuffing recipe I wanted to try, with dried cranberries and apples. It turned out really good, too! I was really pleased with our dinner that evening.
Christmas Day we went to dinner with Luke’s family. The cousins are mostly old enough to play by themselves without too much adult supervision, so it was a nice time to play board games and talk. Sometime during the meal my stomach started to hurt, so most of the evening I spent just trying to find a comfortable position on the couch and wish I hadn’t eaten anything. Luke kept asking on the way home, “Are you sure you aren’t in labor?” and an interesting thing about pregnancy for me is that I am much more sure when the upset is my stomach, since so little room is left for it in my abdomen and I know exactly where it is. Aliyah had some TUMS in her purse and I ate those in the van, thinking I should have tried that earlier. I might have had a better evening.
The fun continues with visits this weekend from my sister and my brother from out of town. I hope to get to see them, but at the same time would not mind being interrupted by a baby’s arrival. We shall see.