Morning Tour

I got to walk around the booths with Luke this morning; we were looking for a science curriculum. We passed by the UR the Mom booth again, and I took a closer look. It appears this lady sells homeschool student planners that help the student be more self-guided. Intriguing. She speaks at 5:30 so I may go listen in. We also spent some time at an art curriculum booth, where I really liked what I saw. There are three levels of study that go from ancient art to modern art; we are thinking about doing the first two next year and be ready to do the third the following year, to correspond with Linda’s fourth Mystery of History book. As we wait for that, we may do a year of Ohio history, something I have wanted to do.
Really, every year I feel like I am just playing around at this homeschooling thing, never getting my act together. I imagine, though, that after I finish the fourth year of our history curriculum and am ready to start over, that I may feel a bit more like my teacher’s cap is on straight. By then we’ll be feeling good about where we are going in art and science, too. I didn’t start the treasure hunt yet, maybe this afternoon.