Memoirs- July

The year of my birth happened to coincide with the 200th anniversary of our country’s birth. Towns both big and small, from sea to shining sea, were especially alive in celebration during this particular July 4th. Naturally, then, I experienced my first parade at a ripe young age of two weeks. Mom took me out in a stroller to watch the festivities on Salem Street in downtown Rutland. The drums and bugles got to be too loud for me, though. An old teacher of my mom’s, Mrs. Chapman, invited us into her house away from the noise.
There are lots of things I love about this story. To have one of my first experiences out and about be a small, hometown parade-possibly the high school marching band putting their all into some patriotic tunes, perhaps the town fire engine polished to a shine, maybe the mayor sitting in the passenger seat. I can just see my mom taking it all in on a familiar street, running into people she knew and introducing them to her newborn daughter. This is a unique snapshot of a time in my mom’s life. She was about my age.