A Love Poem

We learned about Dante this week in history. What an intriguing fellow! Seems he was in love with this girl since he was nine! He would write love poems to her, and after she married- uh, someone else- he would continue to write about her, but not use her name, out of respect. Dante is best known for his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. This is an epic poem in three parts about Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. I especially liked hearing about how he didn’t even try to describe the Lord in the third part, except by an inexpressible light. Beautiful.
One of the suggested activities for the lesson was to have each child write a love poem. A Major and Big S went to it with great gusto, even after I made the rule that they couldn’t just write, “Roses are red, Violets are blue…” Little S balked at the project, claiming he could never write a poem. I eventually let him write it about his bike, to keep peace. N was the cutest, though- all while he’s writing, he’s under cover and saying the poem, and its recipient, are a “secret”. Then when he was done, he folded his paper up small, asked me how to spell ‘Wayne’, and if we had any stamps. We don’t, so, Nate, your love poem from N is on the island awaiting the next time we see you. 🙂
Big S said at one point, “I know who you would write a love poem to, Mama- Daddy!” Later on that day, I did just that. This is for my love- it goes along with the thoughts I was having in my previous post.

Redwing blackbirds give chase between the trees
I think of how glad I am that stage is past
When we had to wonder where we stood
Times between calls I could not be certain
But have we arrived yet to our nest
Where you are home as well as I
In love
Much work remains to finish this nest
Beaks bearing brush, straw and twine
May I not carry what is not mine
To simply wear the yoke that is offered
By One whose eye is always on me
Less weight gives me freedom to enjoy each flight
Sharing more, having more, pursuing you home

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  1. P.S. You (unknowingly) 🙂 gave me a scare! I was out of town, and when I hadn’t heard from you when I got back, I was concerned…then realized you probably aren’t getting online much. I almost called you. I have a scratchy cold voice, but you still might get a call. 🙂

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