Thanks to the hard work of my loving husband, some vegetables got planted in our garden last night. For a while, he wasn’t sure where to plow up the ground and put it in, but finally decided on the far west side of the backyard. I am excited about all the possibilities in the coming years. This year, because of my condition, I am forced to scale back my original dreams for our first gardening season in the new house. This is good for me- I have been learning repeatedly how I can’t do ‘everything’, but should pursue the best things and do them well. Little delights of Romas, onions and potatoes for now. Luke is so great at that- he’s constantly driven to create an excellent product, whether it be a garden plot, website, or VBS program. His example is inspiring.
One area I know I need to work on seeking the best in is our marriage. Sure, I work hard and do lots of things to show that I care about him and our children, but when it comes to really delighting in him, making him feel special, I am often at a loss. I don’t know how to communicate to him how much I prize him above all others, in a way he understands. This kind of expression takes time, thought, and effort that goes beyond the everyday “make sure his shirt is washed” and “fix things he likes for dinner”, and it is a love language I do not know very well. The burden of trying to please him in this way feels staggering at times.
Fortunately, Jesus promises me His burden is light; if I am overwhelmed, it must be something I am getting wrong. Maybe it goes back to what I was saying about the garden- not trying to do it all, but making what I do attempt be the best it can be. Little delights of walks, talks and smiles for now.

your hand in mine
a steady line
drawn on my heart
and deep in my mind
and you walk with me
you never leave
you’re making my heart
a garden
-Matt Maher