There Are Books, And There Are Books

“A book is a present that can be opened again and again.”
I saw this little ditty on a library poster this week while checking out. There are many books that would make my list of “presents”, ones I love to pop open more than once. The Mitford novels, the Little House books, and one recently to add, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. The latter I have found so inspiring in the last few years as I try to move toward more local, and home-grown food for our family. Another recent addition is The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Wow! I had never read that before, but what a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness. These books are ones I actually own or hope to own someday, differentiating them from the odd library take-out.
As I think over my good book list, though, I realize how late in my musings the Bible comes to mind. I have been trying, through BSF, reading it through-the-year, and other methods, to make it more of a discipline in my life. But I think what God is hoping for is for me to find it a delight, instead. Hungering and thirsting. Like a deer panting for water. I am just not there. Does that make the rest of my favorite books rather trivial and maybe even sacrilegious, to beat out the Holy Word? Maybe. But He’s on there, and I know He’s climbing to the top of my bestsellers’ list.
BSF Study Question of the week: Put Hezekiah’s prayer of Isaiah 37:15-20 in your own words regarding a situation you are facing right now.
Excellent! I won’t put mine here; it is a bit poisonal. But I loved being challenged to do this. It helped me see that it is God who is ultimately hurt when His people are hurt, and it is God’s glory we should seek when we are asking for help.