Monday Night Live

Well, I made it to Columbus in an hour! The route I now take is a little more streamlined (almost all highway) but a lot more stressful (Polaris at 5:25 pm- eek). I like having some wiggle room at Bobby’s, though. The burger I got tonight didn’t allow me to do anything other than read, so the typing would have to wait. 🙂
I just tried some chicken sausage in a dish at lunch; it was really good! Usually I put kielbasa in this particular dish, but wanted to lop off some of the calories and nitrates. Chicken sausage is the way to go! A bit pricey, though, so I will have to watch out for coupons and combine them with a store sale.
Cory was telling me that there is a tv show about ‘extreme couponing’. Now I’ve heard everything! First, that there is that many people active in this obsession, but that it would be valuable tv coverage. Hmmm.
I’m looking forward to Jamie Oliver’s next installment of his Food Revolution program- this time in L.A. Should be good.
BSF question of the week: Why do you think God hates sin so much?
I put: it destroys the lives of those He dearly loves, and it took the life of His Son.
Have a great week!

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  1. I didn’t realize you were going so far each week. It sounds like a little adventure…a drive, a dinner and a computer, and a BSF meeting. 🙂

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