Last week there was a man on Jeopardy that looked like Luke. His name was Mike. The kids sat around the dinner table one night, discussing the other similarities the two men had.
“They both have four letters in their name.”
“They both have a ‘k’ in their name.”
“They both have an ‘e’ in their name.”
Lastly, Little S blurts out,
“They both have ‘i’s!”
At least, that’s how we understood him. He could have meant they both have eyes. In any case, the school year is still young.

We have two kinds of peanut butter in the house. The blue labeled, blue lidded one is crunchy, the red is creamy. We also have two kinds of milk in the house, one with a blue lid (2%), one with a red (whole). C likes to be specific about which milk he wants, and asks for the “crunchy” often. Since this is the lowfat one, I don’t usually serve it to the younger set; I mean, what’s the fun of that?! But C’s convinced of his preferences, and freaks out when I pour the “creamy” milk in his cup. The kicker is he doesn’t like crunchy peanut butter. Oh, well- it is generally fruitless to try to reason with a three year old.

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